Holistic Massage Distance Learning

Holistic Massage Distance Learning Program

Our distance learning program is particularly suitable for those students living in country areas or need the flexibility of studying remotely rather than attending college.

Holistic Massage Certificate
The course is studied over 6months – 12months a combination of:
• Assessments on theory after each module
• 1day practical workshops 2 times roughly every 2 months at Revival Aesthetic and Beauty Academy
• 50 hours practicing on family and friends (video evidence to be submitted to trainer for assessment purposes.)
• Self-paced study and research.

You will receive your modules and assignments via email. Once your assessor have marked them you will receive your next module and assignment.
You will receive personal attention and one on one support from your Trainer who will guide you through all aspects of the course and be in constant contact.
You attend the 1day workshops that are held at the end of February, April, June, August, October which is where you learn the practical aspects of the course.
At each workshop you will practice what you have learnt in each module where you will gain the practical skills you need to become a successful and highly regarded Massage Therapist.

Please note most practical units require you to be assessed 4-6 times by our qualified assessors. At least 2 of these will be done in person but if you are unable to come for all assessments due to distance, you must video the other treatments on average 4 times and forward to your assessor for marking and comment. On enrolment we will provide you with a variety of options for practical assessments including coming into Academy on a regular basis and videoing submission.

You will have your final practical assessments with our college assessors and will graduate with the same qualifications as our full time students. Average timeframe to complete the course by distance learning is 6 months – 12 months according to individual needs.
Once you have passed all your assessments you may enrol for the International Exams which will be in July or November.

You can start this course anytime, by starting the units with the practical workshop approx 2 months after starting theory.

The Academy has a full range of education support and learning services and resources to ensure all students are able to meet student needs. Items such as Prospectus, Student Handbook, assessments, unit resources are send via email or courier. At enrolment and during the course student needs are evaluated and advice or help is provided when necessary
The Academy has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment including student spa, practical classrooms, theory rooms etc. Additional support includes a weekly support where your theory assessment is reviewed, questions answered and support provided, a fortnightly phone meeting with your trainer, again making sure you have no problems or issues. You can also email your trainer at any time and she will respond to you within 24 hours. Once in the workplace your employer will also receive a monthly call from your trainer ensuring everything is running smoothly and they understand their responsibilities to provide third party reports.

Learners will be required to complete a series of tutor-marked assignments (normally 1 after each unit) as they progress through this course. Each assignment will contain a variety of tasks/questions. These assignments are assessed by your tutor to monitor progress. You will be provided with constructive feedback to help you in completing each unit to the required standard.

Tutors & Support
All learners have access to a qualified tutor via email for the stated support period. In addition to this, you are able to speak to our support team via telephone with any query you may have relating your course.
If you require help, then we are only a phone call away.

Study Method
Select between studying purely online or opt to receive a paper copy of your lessons in the post.

Learners are then able to prepare their assignments using a word processing program ready to be emailed directly to their tutor for marking.

Payment details:
R3000 includes study material, module 1 and training video

Enroll for this course at the Course Catolog section in the Main Menu

Payment per workshop R500 minimum of 2 workshops
Revival Aesthetic and Beauty Academy practical Exam R500

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