Laser Hair Removal

OPT SHR   Laser Hair Removal

Suitable for most skin types
No recovery period required
Suitable for men and women, young and old.
Fewer treatments and fast results, compared to other hair removal methods.

The OPT SHR laser machine incorporate multiple laser wave lengths and technologies.
The treatment is virtually painless, other methods like IPL are painful and not as effective.

Minimum of 8 – 12 treatments depending on area, skin and hair type. In some instances individuals may require more than 12 sessions for best results.

Treatment menu for Laser

Under arms 15min R250
Bikini line 15min R350
Brazilian 25min R500
Full Bikini 30min R600
Half Leg 30min R980
Full Leg 45min R1450
Under arms & bikini line 30min R450
Under arms, bikini line & half leg R1350

Laser cannot target grey, blond or red hair.